About Apprintus

About Us

Apprintus is bridging the gap between 3D rapid prototyping (3D printing) and traditional 2D printing through the introduction of disruptive technology that brings full-textured fine art prints to market using a full-color, print-on-demand process.

Through our own proprietary printing process and partnerships with industry leading imaging, printing and publishing companies, Apprintus is bringing the long awaited evolution of textured fine art prints to market.

These prints are created from 3D scans of original works, or from a digitally created file, and are printed in full texture that replicates the original, full-color brush strokes intended by the artist.

Whether you're an artist looking to bring the full quality of your original to market on a larger scale, a publisher looking for a step up in quality from traditional giclée prints, or an investor looking to be on the cutting edge of technology in the fine art industry, Apprintus has a solution for you.